Hurricane tracker, Tropical depression forms, forecast to become hurricane on way to Florida

A tropical depression formed in the Caribbean Sea and is expected to become Hurricane Hermine on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane forecasters said Friday.

The storm is on track to hit Jamaica and Cuba before turning east toward Florida, according to the latest path from the National Hurricane Center.

5 systems in the tropics

1.Tropical depression in Caribbean 2.Hurricane Fiona in Atlantic 3.Tropical Storm Gaston in Atlantic 4.Tropical Storm Hermine near Africa's west coast 5.Disturbance in the Atlantic

The ninth tropical depression of the season formed Friday in the Caribbean.

The depression has winds of 35 mph and slow strengthening is expected in the next day or so.

Hurricane Fiona strengthened and regained its Category 4 designation in the Atlantic on its path to Canada.

The 10th tropical depression formed Friday morning in the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Gaston strengthened Friday on its way to the central Azores, forecasters said.

Hurricane forecasters also are tracking another system in the Atlantic.

This is historically the busiest time of the Atlantic hurricane season.

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