Tips To Fix App Crashes On Your Android

Apps that keep crashing or freezing can quickly ruin Android smartphone experience

Here are some tips to fix crashes on your Android device

Force Stop The Backup

To view all installed apps on your phone, go to Apps in setting. Choose the app that is crashing, look for a Force stop option, and then select it.

Restart Your Device

Restarting Your phone may reset all running apps and services, could resolve any app crashes you have been experiencing.

Check For App Update

To avoid bugs or potential vulnerabillities crashing the app, visit Google Play Store and check my Apps section to make sure your apps are updated.

Clear Cache And Data

Cached data is any temporary info that an app stores in order to speed up and improve the effectiveness of subsequent launches.

Cleaning your cache on a regular basis can keep your apps from crashing removing unnecessary data.

to clear the cache, go to App info. select storage and tap on clear cache or clear data. tap on OK and relaunch the App to see if it has stopped crashing.

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