All AC Tools Name List with Pictures | AC Repair & Installation Tools

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All Air Conditioner Tools Name List: AC installation is one of the complex tasks for which you need different types of tools, in the same way, you need different tools to repair AC, so if you want to do AC installation or AC repair by yourself at your home then you need to know about the right tools to be used for this. That’s why we have brought here the All AC Tools Name List with Pictures for you.

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All AC Tools Name List with Pictures

All AC Tools Name List with Pictures
AC Tool NameTool Price
1. Drill MachineCheck Price
2. HammerCheck Price
3. Screw DriversCheck Price
4. Chisel and HammerCheck Price
5. Tube CutterCheck Price
6. Gauge ManifoldCheck Price
7. Mini Gas Welding MachineCheck Price
8. Slide WrenchCheck Price
9. Wire Cutter, Plier, and Wire TapeCheck Price
10. Swaging ToolCheck Price
11. FileCheck Price
12. Vacuum PumpCheck Price
13. LevelCheck Price
14. Digital Clamp Multi MeterCheck Price
15. Black TapeCheck Price
16. Screw WrenchCheck Price
17. L Key SetCheck Price
18. TorchCheck Price
19. Oil Filter WrenchCheck Price
20. Measuring TapeCheck Price
21. Flashlight/HeadlampCheck Price
22. Core Removal ToolCheck Price

1. Drill Machine

Drill Machine

It is essential to have a good Drill Machine for AC installation because it makes your work easy and fast. With the help of a drill machine, you can easily make holes in hard things like walls. The drill machine plays an important role in the whole process of AC installation because to install AC on the wall, first of all, we have to install the AC stand on the wall, for which it is necessary to make a hole in the wall.

2. Hammer


A hammer is also an important tool for AC installation and repair, it is used in many places like hammering nails. A hammer is useful not only for hammering nails but also for removing nails, if nails are already stuck in your wall, then you can easily remove them with the help of a hammer.

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3. Screw Drivers

Screw Drivers

Screwdrivers are essential tools in AC installation and repair. It is very important to have different types of screwdrivers while installing AC because the sizes of the screws may be different. You must have plus and minus screwdrivers because most air conditioners use plus or minus screws.

4. Chisel and Hammer

Chisel and Hammer

The Chisel and Hammer are also important tools for AC installation in case you don’t have a hammer machine then you can use the chisel and hammer to remove the pipe and wire.

5. Tube Cutter

Tube cutter

The tube cutter plays a crucial role in the installation of air conditioning (AC) systems. Its importance lies in its ability to accurately and cleanly cut copper or aluminum tubes, which are commonly used for refrigerant lines and piping in AC installations.

6. Gauge Manifold

Gauge Manifold

The gauge manifold is a critical tool in air conditioning (AC) installation and maintenance. It is used to measure and monitor the pressure of refrigerant in the AC system. it is useful for Pressure measurement, System troubleshooting, Refrigerant charge verification, Performance optimization, Preventing compressor damage, etc. In short It provides accurate pressure measurements, aids in troubleshooting, ensures safety, optimizes system performance, and helps technicians comply with industry regulations.

7. Mini Gas Welding Machine

Mini Gas Welding Machine

A mini gas welding machine is a valuable tool in air conditioning (AC) installation, particularly when working with copper tubing and fittings. It is an important tool for the following reasons:

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  • To Brazing Copper Connections
  • It is a Compact and Portable tool
  • It is Quick and Efficient
  • It can also be utilized for other brazing tasks
  • Controlled Heat Output
  • Quality of Joints and Safety

8. Slide Wrench

Slide Wrench

The slide wrench is a versatile and essential tool in AC installation. Its adjustability, ease of use, and ability to work in tight spaces make it a valuable asset for HVAC technicians. By using a slide wrench, technicians can efficiently tighten and loosen fasteners, ensuring a secure and reliable installation of the air conditioning system.

9. Wire Cutter, Plier, and Wire Tape

Wire Cutter Plier and Wire Tape

The wire cutter, pliers, and wire tape are essential tools in AC installation, enabling technicians to make accurate cuts, secure connections, insulate wires, and maintain electrical safety. These tools contribute to a successful and reliable AC installation, ensuring the system operates efficiently and safely to provide optimal cooling performance.

10. Swaging Tool

Swaging Tool

The next important tool for AC installation is a swaging tool, which provides leak-free, durable, and efficient connections between copper tubes. Its ability to create secure joints without the need for additional fittings, its time-saving benefits, and its contribution to overall system performance make it a valuable asset for HVAC technicians. By utilizing a swaging tool, technicians can ensure a successful and reliable AC installation, meeting the cooling needs of the building or space while maintaining environmental responsibility.

11. File

file tool

Files are indispensable tools in AC installation, used for smoothing edges, fitting components, removing burrs, customizing brackets, and making fine adjustments. Their versatility, ability to refine metal components and contribution to the overall professional finishing of the installation make them essential for HVAC technicians. Proper use of files ensures safe and efficient installations, leading to reliable and well-functioning air conditioning systems.

12. Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump plays a crucial role in AC installation by removing moisture, air, and contaminants from the refrigerant circuit. This process ensures proper refrigerant charge, prevents compressor damage, enhances cooling efficiency, and promotes the reliable and efficient performance of the air conditioning system. Using a vacuum pump is a standard practice in AC installation, guaranteeing that the system operates at its best and maintains its longevity over time.

13. Level Gauge

level gauge

The level gauge, also known as a spirit level or bubble level, it is a vital tool in AC installation for ensuring proper leveling of the unit and its components. It promotes efficient cooling, prevents drainage issues, enhances stability, and contributes to a professional appearance. By using a level gauge, technicians can achieve a well-balanced and reliable AC installation that meets industry standards and manufacturer requirements, ultimately providing efficient cooling and long-lasting performance for the end user.

14. Digital Clamp Multi Meter

Digital Clamp Multi Meter

Digital Clamp Multi Meter is an indispensable tool in AC installation, providing accurate electrical measurements, aiding in troubleshooting, and enhancing safety during electrical work. Its ability to assess electrical components’ performance, diagnose issues, and verify proper operation contributes to a successful and reliable AC installation. HVAC technicians rely on the Digital Clamp Multi Meter to ensure the electrical integrity of the system and deliver efficient, safe, and properly functioning air conditioning systems to their customers.

15. Black Tape

Black Tape

The main role of black tape is to serve as a versatile and reliable electrical insulator. Its role in providing insulation, preventing moisture ingress, identifying and labeling connections, color-coding, and facilitating temporary fixes makes it essential for ensuring electrical safety and efficiency in air conditioning systems. Proper use of black tape contributes to a well-organized, reliable, and visually appealing AC installation.

16. Screw Wrench

Screw Wrench

a screw wrench is also a important tool in AC installation, providing precision, efficiency, and control in securing panels and components. Its versatility and ease of use make it essential for handling various screw types encountered in AC installations. Properly fastening components using a screw wrench contributes to the reliability, safety, and energy efficiency of the air conditioning system, ensuring a successful and effective installation.

17. L Key Set

L Key Set

L key set offering precision, torque control, and easy access to hexagonal fasteners in tight spaces. Its versatility, stability, and efficiency make it an essential asset for HVAC technicians, allowing them to efficiently fasten and unfasten hexagonal fasteners during installation and maintenance tasks. Proper use of the L-key set ensures a secure and reliable AC installation, contributing to the efficient operation and longevity of the air conditioning system.

18. Torch


Torch allows technicians to perform brazing, soldering, customization, repairs, and retrofits. Its ability to create strong and reliable joints, along with its versatility, efficiency, and control, makes it a crucial asset for HVAC technicians. Proper use of the torch ensures the successful and professional installation of the AC system, providing reliable cooling performance for the building occupants.

19. Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

It is used to handle refrigerant filters efficiently and securely. Its ability to facilitate proper tightening, work with different filter sizes, access tight spaces, and ensure reliable filter changes makes it an essential asset for HVAC technicians. Proper use of the oil filter wrench ensures the successful and professional installation and maintenance of the AC system, promoting optimal cooling performance and customer satisfaction.

20. Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

It provides accurate measurements for sizing components, positioning units, installing ductwork, and cutting materials to the required lengths. Its role in promoting efficiency, safety, compliance, and cost-effectiveness makes it an essential asset for HVAC technicians. Proper use of the measuring tape ensures a successful and reliable AC installation, meeting the cooling needs of the building while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

21. Flashlight/Headlamp


A flashlight or headlamp is an indispensable tool in AC installation, providing proper lighting to work in dark or confined spaces, enhancing safety, and troubleshooting efficiently. Its role in illuminating critical components, identifying labels, ensuring accurate connections, and promoting safe and accurate installation work makes it an essential asset for HVAC technicians. Proper use of a flashlight or headlamp ensures a well-lit and well-executed AC installation, contributing to the system’s performance, efficiency, and overall reliability.

22. Core Removal Tool

Core Removal Tool

A core removal tool is also an important tool in the AC installation process and service work, enabling efficient and safe removal of core valves from refrigerant service ports. Its role in preventing refrigerant loss, ensuring system integrity, promoting safety, and facilitating pressure testing makes it a valuable asset for HVAC technicians. Proper use of the core removal tool ensures a well-executed and compliant AC installation, providing reliable cooling performance and system longevity.

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