50 Sites Like 123movies in 2024

123movies was a popular movie streaming site but this site does not work at present and it has been shut down. But you don’t need to worry because I have found more than 50+ websites like 123movies for you and have also tested them. Believe me, many of these sites work better than 123movies.

The official website of 123movies has been shut down and does not work right now many sites of 123movies have come and gone on the internet with different domain extensions and some sites are still live on the internet but they contain too many ads which spoils the entire user experience and many of these sites also contain viruses which can prove dangerous for your device.

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I’ve compiled this list of the best 123movies alternatives with your best streaming experience in mind, ensuring a hassle-free, ad-free journey.

Important note before visiting these movie sites! 

You may see a lot of ads and popups on free movie streaming websites and many websites also contain viruses and malicious code that spoil your entire user experience. You have to face a lot of trouble even in finding your favorite movie because of popups ads.

Yes, free movie streaming sites are not safe at all but still, you can use them absolutely safely and ads-free by using the best VPN service like NordVPN (Recommended) or you can use legal movie streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

I personally use NordVPN to access free streaming websites because it blocks ads and also increases security. By using it, no unwanted tabs open in the browser and it also protects from viruses.

Create a secure, ad-free setup! 

  • Open NordVPN and enable the CyberSec feature in the settings option. This feature helps you to block all spammy ads and popups.
  • For a better streaming experience use a secure browser like Brave Browser (It’s Optional)
  • Install a Good Ad Blocker Extension in your browser.

After completing this security setup you are ready to go!

Top 50 Best Free Movie Sites Like 123movies

Now let’s take a look at the Best Sites Like 123movies that You Can Use as an Alternative for 123movies.

  • Amazon Prime – Best legal alternative to 123movies
  • Vumoo – Best site like 123movies
  • Gomovies – Best alternative site to 123movies
  • Solar Movie – Best 123movies alternative for new users
  • YesMovies – Best User-friendly alternative to 123movies
  • LookMovie – Fastest alternative to 123movies
  • Showbox – Excellent site like 123Movies
  • Zmovies – Best suitable site like 123Movies
  • Soap2day – Helpful site like 123Movies
  • MoviesJoy – The best straightforward site like 123Movies
  • UpMovies – A great site like 123Movies

1. Amazon Prime

Website: https://www.primevideo.com/

The first thing I will advise you is not to compromise on Quality, Security, and User Experience. Opt for the real deal! Instead of hopping onto free movie streaming sites, it’s smarter to check out one of the reliable legal movie streaming platforms.

In my opinion, Amazon Prime is the top pick over 123movies. It’s loaded with premium movies, series, and even fresh releases, plus a bunch of other cool stuff. You’ll also get access to top-notch songs and books. The best part? Zero annoying ads and it’s totally secure.

When you join Amazon Prime, you’re in for a treat! Not only will you enjoy amazing entertainment, but you’ll also become a special Prime member. This means you’ll get special treats while shopping on Amazon, like free delivery (yes, no extra delivery charges!) and early access to Amazon’s exciting sales and more.

Can you Guess what’s awesome about Amazon Prime? You can try it out for a whole 30 days absolutely free, and you can cancel anytime, no strings attached! So why not grab your 30-day trial now and dive into the latest movies at zero cost?

2. Vumoo

Website: https://vumoo.live/

Looking for a movie or TV show? Vumoo’s got you covered with a super handy search bar! Whether you’re in the mood for an old classic or a new release, you can find it in a second on Vumoo. What’s really cool is that I haven’t come across any annoying pop-ups while using it. Plus, the website design is really easy to navigate, making it a breeze to find and watch your favorite flicks.

Worried about your privacy? Well, on Vumoo, you don’t have to stress about signing up or sharing any personal info. That’s right, no need for any annoying logins! You can just dive straight into enjoying all your favorite movies without any hassle or hoops to jump through. Plus, it’s all completely free!

Vumoo is not just an alternative to 123movies, but also a solid option if you’re tired of the same old Netflix shows. With Vumoo, you can easily binge on all those top-notch web series with just a single click.

3. Gomovies

Website: https://gomovies.mobi/

Ever heard of Gomovies? It’s just like 123 movies, offering a wide range of movies across every genre imaginable: action, thriller, crime, drama, and more! But what’s really awesome is that Gomovies lets you enjoy your favorite flicks in stunning 4k quality. Get ready for an immersive movie experience like never before!

This website is super well organized and makes it a breeze to find all your favorite movies and series. Not only do you get to see the IMDb rating for each film, but there’s also a handy description provided. Plus, you’ll find all the details about the director and the entire cast of the movie right there on the website!

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4. Solar Movie

Website: https://wwv.solarmovie.one/

Solar Movie is also a site like 123movies and a popular destination for streaming movies online. No sign-up is required, and its sleek user interface provides a premium viewing experience. Enjoy a wide range of TV shows and movies in high-definition (HD) effortlessly.

On this website, you will get to watch movies and series of many categories, The list of available TV genres is given below.

Action Sport Biography
Musical Thriller Comedy
Mystery War Costume
Mythological KungfuCrime
Psychological HorrorDocumentary
Romance HistoryDrama
Sci-Fi Adventure Family
Sitcom Animation Fantasy

5. YesMovies

Website: https://ww3.yesmoviesfree.live/

YesMovies is a fantastic website that has tons of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy. When you visit the site, you’ll spot a big search box right on the homepage. You can use this to easily find your favorite movies. It’s a great option if you’ve used 123movies before. Give it a try, and you’re likely to find it really cool!

One thing that bothered me a bit about this website is the ads that keep popping up. Clicking anywhere sometimes takes you to other sites, which can be annoying for you. However, I still recommend this website because it offers a great selection of new-release movies and shows. To tackle the ads, you can use NordVPN It’s the best way to enjoy your content without interruptions.

6. LookMovie

Website: https://lookmovie.studio/

LookMovie is another helpful site like 123Movies where you don’t need to sign up to watch movies and TV series.

The design of this website is also good although it also contains advertisements but with the help of Adblocker, you can block all the advertisements.

This website is a goldmine for both new releases and classic favorites! You can enjoy your top picks in stunning HD quality, plus check out the IMDB ratings and detailed descriptions for each movie. It’s the perfect site like 123movies to dive into a movie-watching adventure!

7. Showbox

Website: https://www.showbox.media/

Showbox is an excellent alternative to the 123Movies website, This website has a really cool design that I personally enjoyed. My experience using it has been awesome because there are no annoying pop-up ads, and the stuff you find there is top-notch quality. It’s a breeze to use, making it a great pick for anyone looking for a smooth browsing experience!

This website offers cool categories like Genre, Country, Movies, TV Shows, and Top IMDB. I personally liked the ‘Country’ option, which was also available on the 123Movies website. It’s a great feature that lets you pick a country and find movies from there. It’s super cool if you’re in the mood for some international series or movies!

8. Zmovies

Website: https://zmoviess.co/

As a suitable site like 123Movies, The Zmovies also provides the latest collection of movies and web series for free without registration or sign-up.

I am really impressed with this website’s looks and feels. One thing that caught my eye was the movie recommendation feature. When you’re watching a movie, it suggests similar ones right below. It’s a great way to discover new films you might love!

You’ll be happy to know that this website can be accessed in 12 different languages worldwide. You can switch to your preferred language anytime you want. Plus, it offers a diverse range of shows and movies from various countries, just like 123Movies. So, you can explore global content without any hassle!

9. Soap2day

Website: https://soap2day.camp/

Soap2day, an excellent site like 123Movies offers a large collection of movies and TV shows for free. The website’s interface is really smooth, and the best part is they have their very own Android app! You can easily download and use it on your Android phone. It’s super convenient for enjoying your favorite content on the go!

The Soap2day website is also very easy to use and you do not need to register to watch movies. Here you can watch all the videos in high quality because as far as I have researched this site, I have not found a single low-quality video in it.

I was really surprised by the speed of this website! Pages were loading quickly when I was trying it out, and No annoying pop-ups appeared when I clicked around. It’s really user-friendly and makes the whole browsing experience so much smoother!

10. MoviesJoy

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/

MoviesJoy is a straightforward site like 123Movies on the internet. it is one of the best well-arranged free movie streaming sites I have ever found! there are no annoying popup ads and no malicious codes.

This website has a great collection of movies from all over the world, not just Hollywood! You can enjoy popular and newly released movies in stunning Full HD quality. It’s the perfect place to explore films from different countries and enjoy them in the best possible resolution!

When I was trying it out, I watched the ‘Haunted Buffalo’ movie on this website in HD quality, and let me tell you, the sound quality was absolutely amazing! It felt like I was experiencing the Dolby sound right from my screen. It made the whole movie-watching experience even more thrilling!

Make sure you have enabled the ad blocker extension in your browser While accessing this website, it will block all unwanted ads.

11. UpMovies

Website: https://upmovies.to/

UpMovies is also a good website where you can watch CINEMA MOVIES, TV SERIES, ANIME, cartoons, ASIAN dramas, etc. More than 180,000 movies and TV Shows are available on this website. Navigation of the website is also very easy.

You’ll be glad to know that this website has a mobile version too! So, if you’re using it on your phone, you’re in for a great experience. Plus, it works smoothly on a desktop as well. Whether you’re on your phone or computer, you can enjoy seamless browsing without any hassle!

What really caught my eye about this website is how well it’s designed for all kinds of devices! Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, Apple iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, or even your Smart TV browser, this website runs smoothly on all of them. It’s awesome how you can access it effortlessly from almost anywhere.

12. 5Movies

Website: https://5moviess.com/

Another suitable site like 123movies is 5Movies. Whether you’re looking for the latest blockbuster or a popular TV series, you’ll find it all in the massive video collection at 5Movies. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of exciting anime content to explore too!

You can not only watch your favorite movies here but also easily share them on social media platforms like Twitter (X), Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, and more! Share the fun with your friends and help them enjoy these movies too.

5Movies offers a choice of 12 different international languages including English, Hindi, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. So you can access and navigate this site in your language.

13. PrimeWire

Website: https://primewire.quest/

One of the most effective sites like 123movies is PrimeWire. This website has a massive collection where you can easily find what you’re looking for. It offers movies from various genres and even has a separate collection for each country, so you can pick your preferred country and enjoy its amazing selection of movies!

When you land on the PrimeWire homepage, you’ll notice a large search bar. It’s super convenient for finding and watching your favorite movies. During my own testing, I was thrilled to find the newly released Barbie (2024) available here in stunning Full HD quality, and the sound quality was top-notch too! It made my movie night even more enjoyable.

This website offers so much variety! When it comes to genres, there’s an incredible range to explore. You’ll find a wide range of movie genres available, right below for you to choose from.


14. FMovies

Website: https://fmoviesx.net/

Another excellent site like 123Movies is FMovies. This is one of my top picks, just like 123Movies. It’s a great place to stream all your favorite Hollywood movies and TV shows without the hassle of downloading or signing up.

Once you’re on the website, you’ll notice a big search box right in front of you. You can type the name of the movie you want to watch, or simply click on the ‘Use the old FMovies’ button below to head straight to the homepage. There, you’ll find everything you need – from collections and categories to easy navigation, making it simple to choose and watch your favorite movies online.

I highly recommend checking out the Top IMDb feature on this website. It lists the best of the best movies, and you’re sure to have a great time watching them. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of inspiring TV shows to enjoy here. I personally had a great time watching season 1 of American Gods. So, if you’re looking for your favorite TV shows, this is the place to be.

15. Rainierland 

Website: https://www1.rainierland.to/

Rainierland is also a well-known site like 123movies. This site offers a wide range of movie and series categories to explore, including Action, Animation, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Thriller, among others. With such diverse options, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

My navigation experience was amazing with this site, and you’ll love its advanced features like Auto Play and Auto Next that make your experience even smoother. Additionally, they’ve made picking video quality a different experience with options like Streamtape HD, Tapeblocker HD, Streamta HD, Voe HD, and Vidsrc. Just choose your preferred quality and enjoy your movie.

No need to bother with any logins or registrations on this website! One feature I really enjoyed was the ability to select my favorite actors and actresses and catch all their movies and shows. Oh, and the best part? You can even watch Rainierland on Fire TV for an amazing big-screen experience.

16. FlixTor

Website: https://ww1.flixtor.mom/

Another helpful site like 123Movies is FlixTor. This website has the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies available for you to watch, all in excellent HD quality. You can enjoy them without having to sign up or register for anything.

You should definitely take a look at the ‘The Flixer’ category on this website. It’s a fantastic collection of the best Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Personally, I love watching Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies, and I was thrilled to find a huge collection of them on FlixTor. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

Even with Ad Blocker turned on, I’ve noticed some irritating pop-under ads on this website that redirect you to other sites. To ensure a smoother browsing experience, it’s a good idea to use a reliable premium VPN like NordVPN here.

17. MovieWatcher

Website: https://moviewatcher.today/

This website has a massive collection of all types of Movies and series like 123Movies. I must say, MovieWatcher has a really neat and user-friendly design that caught my eye. It’s simple and easy to navigate, making the whole experience smooth and hassle-free.

If you’re an Anime enthusiast, you’re going to love this website! It’s a treasure trove of amazing Anime series. What’s more, it offers some great search and sorting options, making it super easy to find your favorite movies in no time

Here you will get to watch popular anime like –

  • Boushoku no Berserk
  • Sousou no Frieren
  • Samurai Giants
  • Beyblade Burst God
  • Gamera VS Kozamera

Besides that, you’ll find a complete collection of the latest Trending Movies and TV Series right here. You can even sort the movies by genre, language, and year, making it a breeze to find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

18. Gofilms4U

Website: https://gofilms4u.media/

If you’re looking for a solid site like 123Movies for the latest movie releases, gofilms4u is a great choice. The website’s interface is similar to 123Movies, making it easy to navigate. You can enjoy full-length HD movies in both 720P and 1080P without any hassle, and the best part is, that you can do it all without even registering.

I noticed a great collection of Indian movies and shows on this website, making it a perfect choice for Bollywood enthusiasts. While you can still find Hollywood movies, the website mainly focuses on providing a wide range of Bollywood and Hindi content. If you’re a fan of Bollywood movies, this website is definitely worth checking out.

This website offers movies in various Indian languages such as Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and more. You’ll also find premium content from different OTT platforms, adding even more variety to their collection. It’s a one-stop destination for a diverse range of regional Indian content and premium shows.

19. Yify TV

Website: https://yifytv.bio/

With the Best user interface and fast loading speed, Yify TV is a great alternative site to 123Movies. you can browse, watch, and download the latest release movies and TV shows without any registration.

If you have an Adblocker extension installed in your browser, you’ll have a seamless experience on the Yify TV website. You won’t encounter any annoying ads or unwanted redirections.

The user interface and homepage of this website are slightly different from 123Movies. So, if you’re visiting it for the first time, you might encounter some initial challenges. However, don’t worry! I’ve outlined some easy steps below to help you quickly find and enjoy your favorite movie on Yify TV.

  • First of all open the website of Yify TV.
  • Now click on the GO TO HOMEPAGE tab.
  • Choose your favorite movie and Click on it.
  • Click on Watch Now.

20. TinklePad

Website: https://tinklepad.to/

TinklePad is a significant alternative to 123movies that’s been gaining popularity rapidly. Even though it’s a new movie-streaming website, it has already captured the attention of many. The best part is you can watch movies on this website without the hassle of registration and sign-ups.

I was impressed by how well-organized this website is. They’ve included all the useful categories, making it incredibly user-friendly for anyone looking for a specific movie.

You’ll also find a ‘Most Viewed’ option on this website, where you can easily discover the movies that have been watched by the most people. It’s a great way to find the latest popular picks.

This website is pretty fast, and with a VPN and Ad blocker installed, you won’t have to deal with any disturbing popup ads. It makes the whole experience smoother and more enjoyable.

21. LosMovies

Website: https://losmovies.id/

LosMovies is the most excellent and popular alternative to 123movies. I must say, this movie streaming site is one of the smoothest ones out there. The user interface is really attractive, and the best part is, that there are no annoying pop-ups, ads, or redirections to deal with. You can use this site without a VPN or AdBlocker!

LosMovies offers some handy filters like A-Z List, New Releases, Recently Added, and Most Watched, making it easy to find specific movies. you can enjoy movies on this website without having to register. However, if you prefer, you can create an account by signing up as well.

If you’re looking for the latest Trending movies, TV shows, and Top IMDb picks, this website is a fantastic option. You can also explore movies categorized by country, with a whopping collection from 37 countries available in their database. With so much content to choose from, you’re sure to find plenty to keep you entertained.

22. 0123MoviesFree

Website: https://0123moviesfree.to/

I have another great 123movies alternative for you! Check out 0123MoviesFree. It’s strikingly similar to 123movies, from its design and user interface to its logo and name. Using this website gives you the same experience as 123movies, making it a great alternative for anyone!

This free streaming site has a global presence, and the best part is, that you don’t need an account to watch movies. You can enjoy all the content without any hassle of creating an account.

With a vast database, this website lets you enjoy TV shows and movies from all over the world. If you happen to encounter any popup ads or redirections, just make sure to use an ad blocker and VPN for a smoother streaming experience.

23. DesireMovies

Website: https://desiremovies.vin/

Looking for the best alternative to 123 movies? Check out desiremovies! It has an extensive collection of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The classic design adds to its charm, and the database includes movies from 2012 to the latest releases. It’s a great pick for anyone looking for a diverse range of movies.

Here you can easily change the language while watching a movie, this is a very good feature of this website. Along with watching movies online, if you want to download movies online, you can do that very easily.

While there are no pesky pop-up ads, you might encounter some commercials or advertisements at the start of the movie when streaming on DesireMovies’s movie player.

24. FilmyGod

Website: https://filmygod.vin/

This website is very similar to DesireMovies, FilmyGod provides you with various TV Series and Movies that you can watch and download online without any registration. In fact, this website can be the best alternative to 123movies, you can definitely try this site once.

You also get a search box in the header of the website with the help of which you can search movies, below the header you can also see alphabets from A to Z, by clicking on which you can find movies alphabet-wise.

The video player of this website provides very good controls like changing the quality of the video, increasing/decreasing the speed of the video, or scaling the video, all the features work very well. On this website, you also can change the language inside the video player itself.

25. YoMovies

Website: https://yomovies.uno/

YoMovies is also a great alternative to 123movies on which you can watch the latest movies of Bollywood and Hollywood, this website also provides you with various TV Series and Cartoons.

On this site you can also find films by selecting categories, apart from this you can also find films by selecting the year. In the database of YoMovies, you get to watch all the movies from 2012 to the latest release.

The video player of this website is also like FilmyGod and DesireMovies, which is quite good, you can also change the language of the video, apart from English, I have seen some Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali, etc.

26. Streamm4u

Website: https://streamm4u.uno/

Streamm4u is also a great 123movies alternative site with a large movie database. This website provides you with movies and TV series in HD quality, the special thing about this website is that you do not have to face annoying ads and get a very smooth experience.

Here, if you face any problem with movie streaming, then there is also a button of Not Working, by clicking on which you can send your complaint to the administration department of the website.

The user interface of this website is excellent, any beginner user can use it easily, apart from this, the loading speed of this website is also terrific, even if you have slow internet, this website will load very quickly.

27. Flixtor.tel

Website: https://flixtor.tel/

If you’re looking for another great alternative to 123movies, Flixtor.tel is an excellent choice. It offers a wide variety of movies, including new releases from both Bollywood and Hollywood. Moreover, if you enjoy watching cartoons, this website has a great selection for you. There’s something for everyone, even for the youngest viewers!

Earlier, I mentioned flixtor.mom in the list, but Flixtor.tel is a whole different experience. Despite their similar names, the two websites have completely different designs and navigation styles. You’ll find that each has its own unique appeal and content.

I found the desktop version of this website quite good and unique compared to other websites, you would have seen navigation menus in the header section above but on this website, you get to see navigation menus on the left side which looks quite unique.

28. Dotmovies

Website: https://dotmovies.club/

Dotmovies is such a 123movies alternative on which you do not need to register, here you can watch movies without registering.

This site is loaded with the best high-quality new and old movies, Along with movies you will get to see the best-trending TV shows on Dotmovies. here you will get to see video quality from HD to 4K.

If you are looking for a stable 123movies alternative with no annoying popup ads then Dotmovies should be one of the best for you.

29. Movies4u

Website: https://movies4u.uno/

If you’re searching for the best site like 123movies, you’ll love Movies4u! It’s a perfect alternative with a wide collection of new and classic Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV shows, all available in excellent quality. You can enjoy anything from HD to 4K video quality, This site will definitely make your viewing experience top-notch.

This website primarily focuses on the Indian audience, offering a wide selection of movies in Indian regional languages. While it does have English movies as well, its focus is on providing content for Indian viewers. Below is a table outlining the topics covered by this website.

Dual Audio [Hindi]AnimationHistory
Hollywood MoviesCartoonHorror
Punjabi MoviesDramaWar
ActionFamilyTV SHOWS

It is very easy to watch and download movies on this website and there are no annoying ads of any kind, from the Movies4u website you can also join their Telegram group where you will get updates on the latest releases.

30. Cineb

Website: https://cineb.rs/

Looking for your favorite blockbusters in stunning Full HD and 4K quality? Look no further than Cineb! You’ll find everything from top IMDB hits to old classics and the latest releases in their extensive database. It’s an incredible alternative to 123movies for all your movie-watching needs.

This website provides you with an ad-free environment, when I was testing this website, all the ads on this website were blocked by the free ad blocker Chrome extension.

If you still see any ads in it, then use the premium ad blocker or You can block them easily with Nord VPN (It’s an easy and ultimate way to explore and access anything online without restrictions).

31. XMovies8

Website: https://xmovies8.fun/

XMovies8 is better than the 123movies site, after knowing this website you will hardly go towards other streaming websites. XMovies8 has been providing streaming services for a long time.

This website has a Light feature as well by which you can turn off the background light of your display and can feel the real Theatre experience. You can easily turn on or off the light in just one tap.

This website allows you to watch movies without signup and registration. If you have NordVPN then you will not face any problems in accessing this website but if you are using a free ad blocker then you may have to face some ads.

This website is optimized for both mobile and desktop, you can run it comfortably on any device, you just need to have stable internet so that you do not face any interruption while watching the films.

32. Afdah

Website: https://afdah2.cyou/

If you are looking for a website with a simple interface for movie streaming that is easy to use and does not contain many ads, then Afdah is a website that is a great alternative to 123movies, you also do not need to register on this website, you can watch movies on Afdah without registration.

You’ll find 5 different streaming servers on this website. So, if there’s an issue with one server or it’s not loading properly, you can easily switch to any of the other four servers to stream or download the movie hassle-free.

I found something interesting about this website – it’s built on WordPress, which is a fantastic CMS. Plus, the movies and TV shows have been organized really well, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

33. 0123moviesz (Mirror)

Website: https://0123moviesz.co/

Looking for a similar site like 123movies? then 0123moviesz is a top pick. While the domain name is slightly different. if you take a closer look, it’s ‘0123moviesz’. Its interface and functionality are closely similar to 123movies.

If you’re someone who values movie ratings, this website is just for you! You’ll find the IMDB rating displayed for each movie, making it easy to pick the best ones. Additionally, they have a ‘Top IMDB’ category where you can discover the top-rated IMDB movies.

You have the option to add your favorite movies to your ‘Favorites’ list on the 0123moviesz website. To do this, you’ll need to register on 0123moviesz first. Once registered, you can simply click on the heart symbol to add any movie to your favorites. You can easily access your collection of favorite movies in the favorites cart later on.

34. DudeFilms

Website: https://dudefilms.lat/

DudeFilms is another site better than 123movies, you can watch movies and web series at absolutely no cost. The quality of the content on DudeFilms is really fantastic and most of the films here are available in HD quality.

You might be thinking Why I’m calling it better than 123movies? the reason is the huge movie database and clean, user-friendly design of the DudeFilms.

This website allows you to download any film available on DudeFilms, with its fast server you can stream High-quality content very quickly without any issues.

I have seen 480p, 720p, and 1080p quality films on this website but I haven’t found any 4k video on this website, Apart from this my all-over experience with this site was awesome.

35. VexMovies

Website: https://vexmovies.uno/

If you want the latest released films quickly VexMovies is the best option for you! As a strong 123movies alternative, VexMovies is loaded with a big collection of movies of all genres.

Along with the movies you also get basic information about the movies like Genre, cast(s), Director, Year of release, Runtime, and Original language, etc. VexMovies also offers you a trailer of the film so you can watch that as well.

This site has a powerful search bar as well using which you can find anything you want to watch, you just need to type some keywords and VexMovies will find it in just a few seconds from its large movie database.

36. Bmovies

Website: https://b-bmovies.com/

Bmovies is another popular name in the movie streaming site industry, this is a similar site to 123Movies just the difference in the name but the working are same. it has a huge movie collection. not only movies it has a lot of animes and TV shows as well in its database.

I know no one likes unwanted annoying popup ads while streaming movies online, that’s why Bmovies allows you an ad-free experience. With Bmovies, you get an ad-free experience at zero cost!

No sign-up and no time-consuming registration processes, you can use B-movies without any registration and sign-up.

37. Movie Ninja

Website: https://movieninja.online/

MovieNinja features top-notch HD movies which you can watch in HD quality, it’s a great site like 123movies with no registration and no fees.

Watching films on Movie Ninja was one of my great experiences, you can see movie’s IMBD ratings on MovieNinja you don’t need to go to IMDB’s official website, The HD quality content of this site impressed me the most.

You can find newly released movies or series on MovieNinja very quickly by searching or just visiting the ‘Latest Movies’ menu.

38. Movie4U

Website: https://movies4u.co

Movies4u is another interesting site like 123Movies, It offers TOP IMDb and Trending movies collection. You can find top Ratings moves and series to watch without any registration.

The wide range of movie Genres available on this website, I like to watch comedy films and found lots of comedy movies on this website. I have added some films to my favorite cart I’ll watch them in the future.

You’ll get every movie information like the IMDB rating, cast, and trailer of the movie. you can also rate the movie on Movie4U.

39. Afdah 2

Website: https://afdah2.com/

Afdah 2 is one of the finest sites like 123Movies, it has a cool design and well-arranged interface. From old classics to the latest released movies, you will find everything on Afdah.

All the films on Afdah 2 are available in Super HD quality, you’ll fall in love with this movie for sure. No registration is required here to watch movies online so you can save time and enjoy your favorite film.

Action, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Crimes, and SCI-FI are the main categories of this website, while all the movies and web series are available in their database from 2012 to the latest launch.

40. 123Chill

Website: https://123chill.site/

This is one of the coolest sites like 123movies, I love its cool interface and super clean design. The name of this website has been kept exactly like its nature “123Chill” because any new user will comes to this website will definitely gonna chill, its experience is so good.

Before visiting 123chil you will have to use the best VPN service because it contains some annoying ads and in this situation, NordVpn will help you block all those ads.

This website has 2 HD servers, you can choose anyone while watching any film on 123chill. this website will be a great 123movies alternative for remember because its name is quite similar to 123movies.

41. Internet Archive Movies

Website: https://archive.org/details/moviesandfilms

This is one of the best legal alternatives to 123Movies, with thousands of movies database archive.org is able to fulfill your every entertainment requirement.

Actually, archive.org is an internet archive site that stores all the old data of the websites on the internet along with the movies and series.

You can easily find your favorite film on the Internet Archive by searching. this site is completely free to use and you can watch movies without registration.

One of the best things about this website is that you can find such movies or series on the Internet Archive that are not available anywhere like old black-and-white dramas, Old classic films, etc.

42. Couch Tuner

Website: https://couchtuners.online/

Couch Tuner is also the best site like 123Movies. Hollywood film lovers will definitely like this website because of its large Hollywood movie collection.

Users can watch the movies on Couch Tuner without any signup or registration. the simple UI and design make this website more attractive.

On the header section of this website, you get to see three main options – Movies, TV Series, Top IMDB Movies, etc. You can also find your favorite film by searching as well.

43. The Movie 25

Website: https://themovie25.com/

Themovie25.com is another popular website like 123Movies, and most users consider it the perfect alternative to 123Movies. This website has 7 different servers so you can easily switch between the servers if any not working.

Its video player is more user-friendly for watching the movies. it allows users to watch movies without any interruptions you can increase or decrease video speed here from 0.5x to 2x. it has also a download button by using it user can download the film.

This website also has a large number of movie collections, user can filter out their favorite films by Release year or the movie genre.

44. M4UFree

Website: https://ww1.m4ufree.tv/

This website comes with a unique user interface so we can call it the unique alternative to 123movies. with the large movie database, this site is one of the best sites like 123movies.

On this website, you not only get the option to switch the lights on or off but also a cool Theater mode, which I think is a really special feature.

This website doesn’t just have HD movies, it also has some really cool filters. You can easily discover the best movies using filters like Top Day, Top Week, and Top Month.

45. Top Documentary Films

Website: https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/

If you love watching Documentary Films, then this website is definitely the place for you! You can find Documentary Films from 24 different categories such as Biography, Psychology, Science, and Technology.

You might not find all the newest movies on this website like 123movies, but you’ll discover documentaries about all your favorite topics here. I added this website to the list because it offers a massive variety of movies for you to enjoy.

The best thing about this website is that it’s completely legal and doesn’t have those pesky pop-up ads. Plus, you can watch movies here without having to sign up or register.

46. MyDownloadTube

Website: https://mydownloadtube.net/

This website isn’t primarily for streaming movies—it’s more about downloading stuff. You can grab all sorts of movies and games from here. Oh, and some folks think of it as similar to 123movies.

You’ll find a bunch of cool stuff on this site—think Hollywood movies, fun animations, Arabic hits, and of course, Bollywood movies masala! Plus, there’s a whole bunch of games ready for download onto your computer.

You can also use this website as a good alternative to 123Movies, You may see some ads on this website, but no worries, you can easily block them with a VPN.

47. Zmovies.cc

Website: https://zmovies.cc/

Zmovies.cc is also one of the best sites like 123movies, you can watch New Release, Popular Movies, and TV Series at no cost and no signup.

You can use this website to watch all the new and old movies, the movie database of this website is so large that all the movies are available here from the year 1915 to the latest release.

There is a problem with this website, it provides streaming only in certain countries but you do not need to worry at all, by using NordVPN you can easily get rid of this problem.

48. Movies Found Online

Website: https://moviesfoundonline.com/

This is one of the most interesting websites I have found during the research. with lots of varieties, you can find the best film for you. It’s too simple to watch movies on “Movies Found Online” You don’t need any registration or signup.

The most interesting thing about this website is that it is a completely legal site because only those movies are listed on this website which are available for free on YouTube. Being legal, this website never shuts down.

Along with free movies, there are lots of entertainment stuff available like short films, documentaries, animations, series, and other videos that are also available here which you can watch for free.

49. WatchFree

Website: https://watchfree.ac/

I found this website to be a very good alternative to 123movies, be it its design or performance, this website is not less than 123movies in any aspect. On this website also you get thousands of movies and web series that you can watch without any signup or registration.

Its design is very clean and easy to use just like 123movies, I did not see any annoying ads on this website but maybe in the future you may see some ads in it, so be sure to take care of your safety.

Its video player is also equipped with many premium features like you can change the language of subtitles, increasing or decreasing the speed of the video, moving the video forward and backward by 10 seconds, etc. You get great features in it.

50. 1Movies

Website: https://1movies.la/

If you are looking for websites like 123movies then how can you forget 1Movies? it is a website where you get lots of movies and series without signup. Its design is also quite easy to use.

This website is full of Hollywood movies and series, if you are fond of Hollywood movies then you can definitely try this website. Here you get to watch movies of all categories from old movies to new movies.

I did not see any ads Even on this website, but still, for your safety, you must use NordVPN before visiting this website.

Another 10 Best Sites Like 123movies

We just learned about 50 such websites which can be a good alternative to 123movies but here again, I have found 10 other 123movies like bonus websites for you, the list of which is given below.

Sr. NoWebsite NameWebsite URL
5.Music HQhttps://musichq.cc/
9.See HD Movieshttps://www.seehdmovies.com/

123movies Unblocked Proxy & Mirror Sites

As we all know the official website of 123movies is closed but some of its Proxy & Mirror Sites are live on the internet and can be used.

Here I have found some Proxy & Mirror Sites of 123movies which are still working, by using these Mirror Sites you can access the old 123movies.

Now let’s take a look at the Best 123movies Unblocked Proxy & Mirror Sites:

Free 123movies

Website NameFree 123movies
Website URLhttps://free123movies.quest/
IP Address172.67.168.90
Movie Streaming.QUEST
CategoryMovie Streamming

123movies Fun

123movies mirror
Website Name123movies Fun
Website URLhttps://123moviesfun.is/
IP Address104.31.16.118
Domain Extension.IS (Iceland)
CategoryMovie Streamming


123movies Proxy
Website Name123movieso
Website URLhttps://123movieso.org/
IP Address104.21.18.75
Domain Extension.ORG (Organization)
CategoryMovie Streamming


123movies alternative
Website Name123movies.link
Website URLhttps://ww1.123movies.link/
IP Address104.21.76.51
Domain Extension.LINK
CategoryMovie Streamming


Site like 123movies
Website Name0123Moviesz
Website URLhttps://ww1.0123moviesz.co/
IP Address172.67.157.83
Domain Extension.CO (Colombia)
CategoryMovie Streamming

What is 123movies?

123Movies was a popular file-streaming website in the years of 2015–2016, it allowed users to watch movies for free. This website was operated from Vietnam and apart from 123movies, its network also had sites like GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, 123movieshub, etc.

This website was also known as the world’s “most popular illegal site” and this name was given by MPAA aka ‘Motion Picture Association’ in March 2018. Due to this website being illegal, all its domains were shut down by the government.

The real name and URL of this site were 123movies.to but after the shutdown it went through many different names and different domain extensions.

Is 123movies legal?

123Movies is an illegal website, in March 2018, Vietnamese authorities declared 123Movies an illegal website and banned it.

Fake domains come live on the internet in the name of 123movies, which are banned from time to time, but still, clones of 123movies come on the internet again with new domain extensions.

Some clones and fake domains of this website are still live on the internet. In this article, we already listed some of the clones of 123movies.

Is 123movies safe?

123movies is not a safe site at all and there are many fake websites running on the internet in its name which are not at all safe for your computer. If your computer does not have good antivirus or firewall protection, then my advice to you would be not to visit 123movies at all.

This website has been banned by the government, hence using any clone or fake version of this website is not right for your safety, there may be strange advertisements placed on this website which may bother you.

If you still want to visit 123movies, then I would advise you to use a good VPN service because a good VPN is able to protect you well. NordVPN is a great VPN service using which you will be able to do safe internet browsing.


In this article we learned about 50 sites like 123movies, I have tested all these websites myself and have made a list and given you an honest review.

Hope you liked this information and enjoyed this article, I have also given the URL of every website that I have added to the list, by clicking on which you can visit that website.

123movies is a very popular file streaming website about which I have tried to tell you in detail through this article and I have also told you about the safety and security.

If you enjoyed this info, please drop a comment sharing your go-to alternative for 123movies. Also, if you know of any other sites like 123movies that aren’t mentioned here, let me know in the comments too!

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