How to Create Viral Faceless Reels and Short Videos Using AI?

Have you ever come across those viral Instagram reels and YouTube shorts about motivation, space, or science facts? You know, the ones with those deep and captivating voices that make you want to keep watching? Well, surprise! Those voices aren’t real – they’re created using the magic of AI. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of how to create these AI-generated voice and viral reels, so stick around and read on till the end!

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You can make cool videos without even showing your face! People are using this trick on Instagram and YouTube to promote their businesses and sell stuff. It’s like a secret weapon for making good profits without putting your face out there. Cool, right?

Why you should use AI for short videos?

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  • Videos made with AI go viral very soon
  • AI voice is quite attractive, you can customize it as per your choice.
  • You do not need to show your face in videos made by AI.
  • It is very easy to make compared to normal videos.

How to Create Viral Faceless AI Videos?

Here are some easy steps to Create Viral Faceless AI Videos, by following which you can easily create viral faceless AI videos, follow the instructions below carefully to Create Viral Faceless Motivational Reels and Shorts Using AI.

1. Generate AI Voice

Generate AI Voice

First of all, you have to create an AI voice for your short video, for this, you have to go to the website and sign up. Here you will get different AI voices, you have to choose any one and upload the text script, after eleven labs will generate the voice for you within a minute, and after that, you have to download it.

2. Collect Video Clips

You have to use video clips to create an AI short video, so go to and and download video clips related to your video topic. Here you will get thousands of copyright-free video clips and that too for free.

3. Create your Short Video

Create your Short Video

After downloading the AI ​​audio and video clips, you have to edit your video using the InShot Video Editor App. Upload the video clips and AI audio that you have generated here. There are many features in this app with the help of which you will be able to make a great short video, after making the video, download it.

4. Upload your Short Video On Social Media

After making an AI short video, upload it on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Make sure to use appropriate hashtags and keywords, which will increase the chances of your video going viral.

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Best Tools to Create Faceless Videos

Research Tools

Before making any video, we need a topic, for topic gathering you can use the tools like Tubebuddy or VidIQ and can easily find new topics for your videos.

Script Writing Tools

After finding the topic of the video, you have to write a good script, but if you do not know how to write a good video script, then you can get it written from ChatGPT. Apart from ChatGPT, Rytr, and Bard are also great AI tools with which you can write a great video script.

Tools to Create Videos

You can also use Fliki or to make videos, but inShot is my favorite video editor where you can make videos in the best way.

Screen Recording Tools

While making a video, you may also need some screen recording tools, in such a situation OBS and Loom will be the best screen recording tools for you.

Tools to Find Stock Videos/Images

For stock images and videos, you can use Pixabay and Pexels, from here you can download HD-quality images and videos for free.

Tools for Voiceover

If you are making a voiceover video, then both these tools like Fliki and MicMonster will be very beneficial for you, using them you will be able to make great voiceover videos.

Tools to Find Stock audio/music

If you want to use any stock audio or music instead of AI voice, then you can use Epidemic Sound, Audacity, or YouTube Audio Library, where you will get thousands of free stock audio/music that you can use in your videos.


What is the AI that creates faceless videos?

Many websites on the internet create AI faceless videos, among them Invideo AI is a famous faceless video generation tool using which you can create attractive AI-generated faceless videos.

Do faceless videos make money?

Yes, of course! Faceless videos are also monetized on YouTube and
people are earning money from them, whereas you can earn money on Instagram as well by uploading faceless reels.

How do people make AI Voices?

It is very easy to create an AI Voice. for this, you can use where You can create various types of AI-generated voices.


In this article, we saw how we can create Viral Faceless AI Videos. Here we have also learned about some useful AI tools, if you have any questions related to this article then you can ask in the comment.

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