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Bonuses on Instagram or Instagram Reels Bonus: Finally, the Instagram Reels Bonus for Craters of India has been announced by Instagram. Reel Bonuses have been distributed to many Instagram creators in India, while some creators still haven’t received Reels Bonuses. How to get Reels Bonus and know whether you will get Reels Bonus or not, its complete information is given here.

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Earlier Instagram creators in the USA used to get Reels Bonus but now this feature has been rolled out in India too, now Instagram creators in India will also be able to earn money from Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels Bonus

What is Instagram Reels Bonus?

Reels Bonus is a money amount given to Instagram creators by Instagram. Now Instagram will give money to the creators who make reels on Instagram. Earlier this facility was only for the creators of the USA, but now the creators of India will also be given a Reels Bonus from Instagram.

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If you are eligible for Instagram Reels Bonuses and meet its requirements then you will receive bonus income from Instagram.

Rules and Eligibility for Instagram Reels Bonus

  • You must have a professional Instagram profile (business or creator) to take advantage of Instagram bonuses.
  • To earn an Instagram bonus you must meet all policies and requirements of the Instagram Bonus Program.
  • When you are eligible to join the Instagram Bonus Program, you may occasionally be notified about it in the Instagram app or you can manually check if your Instagram Bonus option is enabled.
  • When you become eligible for an Instagram bonus then your Bonuses option will be enabled automatically.
  • If you create Instagram branded content or take advantage of branded content then you will not be able to take advantage of Instagram bonuses because Branded content is currently ineligible for Instagram bonuses.
  • The Reels Play bonus program is not currently available in all languages. But in the future, this program may be available in other languages ​​as well.
  • Every creator can get different bonuses in different amounts it depends on the creator to the creator because Instagram has not allocated equal bonuses for all creators.

How To Check Whether You Received Reels Bonus or Not?

Before checking whether the Reels Bonus has been received or not, let us tell you that your Instagram account should not be a personal account, your account should be a creator account or it should be a business account.

Now let’s head on to, How to Check Reels Bonus on Instagram account Step by Step.

  • First of all, you have to open your Instagram account, after that by going to the profile option, you have to click on the 3 horizontal lines above.
Ig profile techyatri
  • Now Click on the “Settings” option.
Ig settings
  • Under the Settings option, you will find the “Creator” option, Tap on it.
Creator option instagram
  • If you have allocated a Reels Bonus on behalf of Instagram, then after going to the Creators option, you will see the option with Bonuses. If the Bonuses option is visible then click on it.
Instagram Bonuses
  • After going to Bonuses, check the status if the status of Bonuses is showing Eligible then congratulations you are eligible for Instagram Reels Bonus and you can earn money from Reels.
Bonuses status instagram

If your bonus status is showing eligible then you will get a popup for further setup, by clicking on which you will have to fill in your details like your name, your bank account number, etc.

How to Activate Instagram Reels Bonus in India?

Want to Enable bonuses on Instagram? So let us tell you that there is no way to turn it on instantly, but some guidelines have been given about it by Instagram, by following which you can enable Instagram bonuses.

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Instagram has directly mentioned that you can earn money from Instagram through bonuses but only if you are eligible to earn the bonus, which means when you fit in Instagram bonus criteria then your Instagram bonus option will start automatically. And you will be notified in the Instagram app to set up and enable bonus payments.

Some important highlights about enabling bonuses on Instagram:

  • If you want to enable the Instagram Reels Bonus option, then you have to follow the Instagram guidelines very well.
  • Always create original and Unique content, and do not copy the content of others.
  • If your Instagram account is a personal account then switch it to a business account or a creator account.
  • Do not use copyrighted material or copy others’ content in your Instagram reels.


Now we can also earn money by making Instagram Reels, which is a very good thing for Reels creators. Currently, not all creators have got the option of Instagram Reel Bonuses in India, but some creators have got the benefit of it.

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