Sony’s Project Q Handheld Has Been in the Works Since at Least 2015

Sony’s Project Q Handheld

Recently uncovered documents have revealed that Sony had been exploring the concept of creating a portable device similar to the recently unveiled PlayStation Project Q as early as 2015. During the PlayStation Showcase held on May 24, 2023, Sony confirmed the development of a PlayStation handheld device, but it did not meet the expectations of many.

Internally referred to as Project Q, this portable device is not a standalone console but rather a streaming platform that enables players to enjoy PS5 games through Remote Play over Wi-Fi. According to industry insider Tom Henderson, rumors suggest that the PlayStation handheld will have a battery life of only 3-4 hours. However, Sony has officially announced that Project Q will feature an 8-inch HD LCD screen capable of supporting resolutions up to 1080p, surpassing the native capabilities of Valve’s Steam Deck.

On social media, numerous individuals appear to be somewhat disappointed with the appearance and functionality of PlayStation’s Project Q, with some asserting that it was hastily assembled to capitalize on the growing market for portable gaming. Surprisingly, Sony had filed a patent for a device strikingly similar to Project Q as early as 2015, even before the innovative PlayStation DualSense controller was unveiled five years later. This suggests that the underlying concept of the device has been in development for quite some time, as evidenced by the similarities between the 2015 patent and the final design showcased at the PlayStation Showcase.

It seems that Sony had been exploring various designs for a handheld gaming device. Another patent, filed in 2021, also bears resemblance to Project Q and closely aligns with the final design, featuring DualShock 4 controller handles on either side of the screen. This patent additionally mentions the inclusion of a motion sensor capable of detecting the device’s tilt and direction, akin to the functionality found in DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers.

The official unveiling of the Project Q PlayStation handheld device might coincide with the releases of other portable gaming systems like the Steam Deck, Logitech G Cloud, and the upcoming Asus ROG Ally. This demonstrates the increasing popularity of portable gaming platforms. Additionally, it aligns with Sony’s previously announced expansion into the realm of mobile gaming. Sony currently has multiple studios dedicated to developing mobile games, indicating a more aggressive foray into both the mobile gaming and cloud gaming sectors.

While some individuals may hope that Sony will take initial reactions to the Project Q announcement into account and make minor adjustments to the handheld device, it is unlikely that fundamental changes to its functionality can be made now that the official unveiling has occurred. Nevertheless, this may mark the beginning of a new era for PlayStation handhelds, and one can only hope that the next device will not see a 12-year gap, similar to the delay between the release of Project Q and the PlayStation Vita. (

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