Threads Beat ChatGPT In Popularity: Became the Most Downloaded App in a Short Time

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Instagram’s new app threads have beaten OpenAI’s ChatGPT in popularity. Threads have added 100 million users within 20 hours of launch, which is many times more than ChatGPT. Let us tell you that it took 40 days for ChatGPT to add 10 million daily users, which means Threads has also broken the record of ChatGPT in terms of adding users, let’s know what the full news is.

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Meta’s Threads Beats ChatGPT

Threads Beat ChatGPT

The Meta’s founder Mark Zuckerberg claims that the Threads app got 100 million active users within 20 hours of its launch. According to Mark, this has happened without any promotion, which means 100 million users are organically connected to this app, says Mark.

Before Threads, the record of adding 100 million users in a short time was in the name of ChatGpt, which is an AI chatbot launched by Open AI. ChatGPT got 10 million daily users in 40 days of launch while ChatGPT took 2 months to add 100 million daily active users. And at that time ChatGPT had broken big records by adding the fastest 100 million active users, ChatGPT had also left behind big apps like Instagram and Tiktok.

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The Decline in Active Users of Twitter

There is no doubt that Threads is a very good alternative to Twitter, but after the launch of Threads, there has been a decline of 11% in the active users of Twitter.

Twitter reported a total of 240 million daily active users by July 2022. However, web analytics firm SimilarWeb has observed an 11% decrease in Twitter’s web traffic after the launch of Threads compared to the same period last year.

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